Health Coaching

One on One Personal Health Coaching

jen feeny - health coach ottawa

Are you ready to discover a different reality for your body and health?

Jen is a holistic health coach and reiki practitioner who specializes in helping clients find their way to wellness.

Jen specializes in supporting people who have struggled with yo-yo dieting and seek a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.  She is a huge believer in foods ability to heal and makes it her mission to help people learn how to cook for themselves.

Jen has a unique gift to connect with others and help them find their authentic self. She helps her clients dig deep to realize their potential and  encourages them to continue making choices that bring them the most joy.

For the past four years, she dreamed of the day when she would be able to help others improve their health through food and self care. This past year she took the step to pursue her studies in health and wellness with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This year long health coaching program has given her the toolkit of nutritional knowledge and coaching skills to make it possible to change one persons life a time (and in effect impacting lives of their social circle).

One on One Health Coaching Program

Do you feel you need a little extra encouragement and direction to find your way when it comes to your health or happiness?

Sometimes we know we need to make a change but there are often obstacles or excuses that can get in our way. A health coach is a support person that provides step by step, easy to integrate, recommendations to help their clients reach their health goals – whether it be weight loss, finding more happiness or managing pain. A health coach has knowledge of the various nutritional theories and helps create a custom health plan for each individual. Just how everyone is unique, their health needs and how to meet them are also very different.

In the “Pep in Your Step” wellness program we will meet twice a month for 45 minutes to 1 hour (by phone, in person or Skype) to talk about your health goals. This time is an opportunity for you to talk about whatever it is you’d like to accomplish and how to make that possible. At the end of each meeting I will provide you a couple recommendations for you work on until our next session.

What you’ll get from each session is more knowledge of yourself and new ways to improve your health. What you will learn in our 6 months together will be invaluable for the rest of your life.

For program pricing, feel free to email me at

Book a Free Health Assessment

Are you serious about changing the quality of you life and be healthier?

Contact me for a free initial health assessment to review your current health status. If you’re interested in support in achieving your health goals and getting tools to prevent disease in the future, we’ll talk about my 6 month program that will do just that. This will be the best and easiest thing you will do for your health. You will start feeling better and more vibrant in just weeks!


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